Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung

About the building M.1

Constructed in 1914, the M.1 barracks building has a floor area of ca 1200 m2 and houses eight versatile exhibition and/or working spaces, three apartments for the artistic director, award recipients and guests, as well as the Arthur Boskamp Foundation’s office and the “Lokal” (club room).

The building would serve as enlisted men’s quarters for the Lockstedt Camp, which was a Prussian military training site that operated from 1875 to 1919. After the camp closed, the builidng first accomodated refugees and returning soldiers, then an SA sports school. During World War II, it housed forced laborers from the local munitions factory. The G. Pohl-Boskamp Company started using the building in 1946, before Arthur Boskamp established it as the “Kunsthaus Boskamp” (Boskamp Art Center, 1985-2001). The Arthur Boskamp Foundation has been using the M.1 in its current form since 2003.

During an internship at the Arthur Boskamp Foundation in 2003, Ulrike Facklam researched the history of the M.1 and compiled it in a small booklet, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

You can rent the “Lokal” (club room) or even the entire building for parties. If it’s free.