Talking about exclusivity itself presupposes a certain language. In the podcasts, this language becomes the subject: What codes and forms of access determine the art world? And how can processes of exclusion create new possibilities of access? Agnieszka Roguski discusses exclusivity with various guests, addressing it as a plural and dynamic principle that is always adapting to or opposing new situations. It is connected with institutions and professions as much as with private individuals and communities. Against this background, exclusivity is a topic that cannot be limited to luxury, distinction, and celebrity culture. On the contrary, exclusivity can open up access to spaces for marginalised people in places where it is otherwise difficult for them to gain access. The podcasts are available on our website and Soundcloud. Unlike talks, podcasts do not need a specific time or public place, but adapt to private listening habits and can be accessed at any time. Without showing faces, they create closeness through their informal character.

#1: ACCESS | Cana Bilir-Meier

available from 7 April 2022 via Vimeo

#2: (DIS)CONNECTIVITY | Ute Kalender

available from 14 April 2022 via Soundcloud

#3: PROTECTION | House of Living Colors

available from 21 April 2022 via Soundcloud

#4: CAPITAL | Mi You

available from 28 April 2022 via Soundcloud