The Speculative Institution

Workshop in collaboration with Fiona McGovern / University of Hildesheim, Institute for Visual Arts and Art Studies

With each M.1 kuratieren turn new focuses are set. Like this, each turn not only provides new content, but more importantly creates relationships that become part of an institutional narrative that constantly grows and shifts. How is this narrative composed – and how can it be transformed into a speculative scenario? The workshop by Fiona McGovern and Agnieszka Roguski with students of Cultural Studies and Mediation at the University of Hildesheim is based on theoretical approaches that critically question the relations of guests and hosts in institutions. They examine them in terms of social, economic, and artistic conditions. In an intensive engagement with the place itself, the students develop mediation strategies that discuss, dismantle, and recompose dominant narratives of institutions – thus disseminating a fluid narrative of the M.1.

The mediation strategies created in the workshop can be found on Instagram.

Participants: Nina Diel, Jacqueline Est, Leah Fot, Roman Geißner, Lisa Harder, Sarah Hartke, Alina Homann, Ana Manhey Ahrens, Theresa Tolksdorf, Esther Tusch



20. June The Speculative Institution
19. June The Speculative Institution
18. June The Speculative Institution