Institutional Glitches

Instagram Takeover of the M.1 Arthur Boskamp Foundation | @m1hohenlockstedt

A cooperation of M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung and Broken Relations – Infrastruktur und Unterbrechung

As an informal, everyday practice often relegated to the realm of the marginal, untrustworthy and deviant, gossip seems to stand in sharp contrast to institutional modes of representation. However, digital platforms make it clear that the circulation of manipulated information no longer takes place backstage, but has become an invisible part of networked infrastructures in which institutions are also involved. So how does gossip become effective precisely from there?

Based on Legacy Russell’s notion of glitch – the accidental error that indicates the radical failure of a system –, and based on a preceding seminar, students will realize a temporary takeover of the M.1 Instagram account. Using the M.1 as an example, their intervention takes a look at institutional narratives, images of self and other; it contrasts, accelerates, distorts or transfigures them and thus makes visible the deviations that inhabit every system of representation. As a prelude to #1GOSSIP, Institutional Glitches creates a diffuse, perhaps irritating web of speculation and fabulation about the past and the future – and the potentially (im)possible.

The takeover will take place from 26 – 29 April 2021 at @m1hohenlockstedt and will be visible in a new form as part of the exhibition and event programme Broken Relations – Infrastruktur und Unterbrechung at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in June.

Participants: Shirin Barthel, Anskar Beau, Bernhard Bormann, Felix Brenner, Lea Dippold, Tobias Fabek, Bob Jones, Adrian Lück, Harriet Meyer, K.C. Pottrykus, Sunny Pudert, Sebastian Schmidt, Stephen Stahn, Annika Stoll



29. April Instagram Takeover
28. April Instagram Takeover
27. April Instagram Takeover
26. April Instagram Takeover