MEDIATION WORKSHOP #2 | Potential & Privilege

4 May 2022

What form of knowledge is presupposed by exhibitions – and how is it embodied, rehearsed and displayed as an exclusive skill? How can art education respond to these social boundaries instead of perpetuating them? In collaboration with Carina Herring, Nora Sternfeld and students of art education at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, rules and forms of (self-)representation that constitute art spaces will be examined. Following the reading and discussion of relevant texts, potentials for learning these rules are explored based on the exhibition EXCLUSIVITIES––EXCLUSIVITÄTEN in the M.1. Experimental mediation concepts should make a form of “talking back” (Sara Ahmed) possible: They do not accept exclusivities as a basic condition of exhibitions, but confront them with counter-proposals from different perspectives.


Celina Bialke, Lisa Marie Damm, Cara Theres Petrovic, Leonie Lisette Göttling, Paula Mainusch, Francisca Markus, Jenny Mehren, Hannah Mischkowski, Charlotte Perka, Cara Petrovic, Francine Rehfeldt, Anastasia Schkliarik, Rose Sondermann, Dana Wehlert


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"Finnische Allee", Audio contribution from a group of workshop participants: Lisa Marie Damm, Leonie Lisette Göttling, Francisca Markus, Jenny Mehren und Charlotte Perka