diagno: tocolo



Dineo Seshee Bopape, Peter Eisenkoko, Fabian Hesse, Sebastian Stein and Anne Zwingl

After hard self-diagnosis, for the opening there will be (hope or cope): a film, dancing, a space, some printed matter and more. if you’re caught in swampland, you can grab our hands – we will be always there…

all more or less stuck in the endless I-loop, this time we embark on a trip of togetherness. This time in Holo wholeness. Circle of healing blueberries.

Lost is the clarity of thought inherent in the berries once they are ripe. Because the juices can never mystify the opulence of control we are fostered with to be entangled for heavens lake and roast in the sky-lie.

our situation is blurred, even these points of duties are listed do we find a way to un-misty it? if something spins around – it gets cloudy-, do we spin it more fast to sharpen it again with a new illusion?

or do we stay in our aquotic boats to get the autistic drowning blur? Getting high from the pure abundance of possibilities to intersect and reflect. Refusing strategic rules for clarity.
My other selfs spread on the vertical axis that connects through an interdimensional shift, that allows us to control each others intelligible forms of exchange. we may all thrive in the jungle of the market mind. forever in the hymn of seashells, clapping their delicate little rims and smacking their flesh in unision.

If you place objects in a display case, people will always read the object on the left as being the most valuable, even if it isn’t. Before that, I’ll quickly get some breakfast. And then I really have to get some things done. The imprint I leave is ruffled and dazzling. The idea to move as a form of dance will establish from a true understanding of my upper inner thight. Controlled only by the myriad of formal exquisities, drawn by the makers marker and a genius rendering plug-in. So how to inhabit those spaces of production, these hinterlands of representation? A freedom from structure and a place where there is little difference between our inner and outer selves, a world of perpetual Halloween. And more joy. my heart is your heart and my bug be your spam. The kitchen is a mess. Here’s another rainbow.

so anyway, aren’t we all interested in the accidental design and deliberate composition of alien, alternative platforms of HAZE DOME, HASSLE HAZE, or holo haze and razzle hose ? or hazzle dose ?

the Quantity of words – never makes it more clear. the fuzzy present is modifying the future and the past, we still in the saftyness. did we want to stay here? Or do we pop down the ambiguous bubble to get the real wrong? Come and see parallel and multi-blurry-verses. just listen to the cupboard – my darling.

anna, dineo, fabian, peter and sebastian



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