Michael Bauch, Alexandra Bircken, Joachim Koester, Jochen Lempert and Eva von Platen

curated by Brigitte Kölle

The exhibition One Plus One is not a traditional group show with a collective thematic focus. Instead, it consists of five parallel artist spaces, thereby accommodating a particularity of the Arthur Boskamp Foundation: Every one of the generous exhibition spaces at the foundation has its own very specific qualities, and the five invited artists react individually to these qualities. Amongst the spaces are a modern, purist construction, historical rooms in the massive barracks of the former Lockstedter Lager military camp, as well as rooms and galleries recalling a research lab and thus the history of the building as the former headquarters of a pharmaceutical company.

Michael Bauch’s painting (Hamburg, b. 1951), Alexandra Bircken’s sculptural installations (Cologne, b. 1967), Joachim Koester’s filmic work (Copenhagen/ New York, b. 1962), Jochen Lempert ‘s photography (Hamburg, b. 1958) and drawings, collages and films by Eva von Platen (Nuremberg, b. 1965) combine into an “exhibition formation” of artist spaces in dialogue with the situation on site, whereby the independent nature of the single parts is left intact. Or, as Jean-Luc Godard said about his eponymous film on the Rolling Stones (“One Plus One”), “One Plus One is not two, but One Plus One.”



3. April 14:30 h Opening