28 October 2018
11–15 h

Walking tour in the Aukrug Nature Park and remedy production Workshop with Jacqueline Strauer, pharmacist and alternative practitioner

Jacqueline Strauer conveys knowledge about herbs and their use in diseases - to prevent it from getting lost and to enable interested people to use this knowledge for themselves again. Together with the course participants, she explores first-aid remedies from nature on walks and with all the senses. Afterwards, depending on availability, a remedy is produced from a collected plant.

As part of the exhibition Practices of Radical Health Care, Jacqueline Strauer will begin her workshop with a search for herbs and roots in the Aukrug Nature Park and return to M.1 to apply a tincture together. At the end of the course, each participant can take home his/her own household remedy.

The workshop is free of charge and please register at cd@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de or 04826 850110.

Departure is from M.1 Breite Str. 18, 25551 Hohenlockstedt.