27 October 2018
11–18 h

Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time – Workshop and zine presentation with Feminist Healthcare Research Group and Sickness Affinity Group


Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe and Sickness Affinity Gruppe

Workshop and zine presentation on Saturday, 27 October 2018, from 11 am until 6 pm. To participate please register: kontakt@feministische-recherchegruppe.org

In the workshop members of Feminist Health Care Research Group and Sickness Affinity Group create a public format to exchange and inquire together how to attend to care needs in our collective contexts and group situations.

In visualisations, exercises and conversations we interrogate group dynamics, group care and interdependencies within our cultural work. We will work with the sixth zine of the Feminist Healthcare Research Group, which looks at ableist exclusions of the art field and functions as a resource for care collectives and art and activist groups.

Sickness Affinity Group is a loose collective of art workers and activists in Berlin whose work centers around sickness and disability.

Feminist Healthcare Research Group develops zines, workshops, exhibitions and a growing research library to open up space to negotiate fragility and needs within cultural work.


Crip artist, researcher and performer, Laura Lulika, is exploring radical modes of art-making that reject capitalist modes of working, with a focus on how the crip community presents themselves online.

Romily Alice Walden is a disabled artist and researcher who is currently thinking about how to navigate the inevitable failures and disappointments of working within a system that is built upon expectations that you/your body cannot meet.

Frances Breden (artist and curator) and Lorena Juan (curator, art mediator and translator) work together in COVEN BERLIN. COVEN BERLIN is a queer, feminist art collective, who during “Crip Time, Sick Time, Caring Time” will ask how we can provide care and accessibility to ourselves as curators, the artists we work with, and the community that experiences our work.

Julia Bonn, artist, bodyworker, and mother of two would like to explore further how caring time and care work can go together with work in groups or collaborations in the art/cultural field and how a mutual support could be implemented. Julia is also a member of the Feminist Health Care Research Group.

Inga Zimprich (artist and curator and member of FHCRG) would like to work towards a culture of reward for absence due to care work and sickness and explore the joy of missing out.