Vorstellung der Förderpreis-Träger*innen 2017/18


Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe and Vangjush Vellahu

Two weeks ago, Suza Husse, Yvonne Wilhelm, Ulrike Boskamp and I carefully reviewed and intently discussed ninety-three award competition entries, the majority of which were very ambitious. We are delighted to be able to introduce you now to the two award-winning entries.

The Feminist Health Care Research Group (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, and Inga Zimprich) addresses alternative and collective approaches to health care, in which one’s personal experience and own perceptions play a role.

Vangjush Vellahu will further pursue his on-going project Fragments. The artist focuses in Fragments on facets of collective memory such as inscribe themselves in the architecture and landscapes of de facto existing states that nonetheless are frequently not recognized as such.

(Text: Joerg Franzbecker)