Open Call M.1 kuratieren 2025/26

The Artistic Director of M.1 is to be appointed for one and a half years from January 2025, as part of the Arthur Boskamp Stiftung's programme M.1 kuratieren.

The M.1 is a venue for contemporary art in Hohenlockstedt, in rural Schleswig-Holstein where curatorial concepts can be explored without format constraints. For the 2025/26 cycle, a thematic focus on ecological contexts is planned. For example, an examination of biodiversity, soil, agriculture, gardens or eco-feminism is conceivable. Regional circumstances or the foundation's garden can be included into the concept.

In principle, the position of artistic director of M.1 can be considered as a kind of scholarship that makes it possible to test out new ideas and concepts and during which one's own curatorial profile can be consolidated or questioned. In order to reflect on this process, the programme developed for M.1 and its implementation on site can be documented in a final or accompanying issue of the publication series kuratieren.

Thanks to its spacious premises, M.1 is not only an ideal venue for exhibitions, but can also be used as a meeting place and production centre for art, where guests can be invited to work or engage in intensive exchange for short or longer periods of time.

The position of Artistic Director of M.1 is awarded as a temporary part-time position (approx. 20 hours/week) for one and a half years and is remunerated at € 1800 gross per month. As the monthly salary is not variable, in the case of a group application it must be made clear how the working hours and salary are to be divided among the group members. For the 2025/26 cycle, a basic budget totalling €45,000 is available for the production. Additional funds must be raised. A command of the German language is a prerequisite for an application.

The curator will be supported by the foundation's team in the organisation, installation and public relations work. Accommodation on site is possible on a temporary basis; a workplace in the M.1 office is available at all times, but there is no residency requirement. The only fixed task is the awarding of the Arthur Boskamp Stiftung's Advancement Awards. The artistic director announces these according to his/her own thematic or formal specifications, organises the awarding of the prizes to two northern German artists by a self-selected jury and supervises the publications associated with the prize and presentations or exhibitions of the prizewinners.

What to submit?

1) Concept (max. 2 A4 pages) for the first half of the curating cycle, containing a clear description of your own interests and concerns as well as a detailed plan

2) Examples of work (max. 5): curatorial projects, exhibitions, project spaces, etc.

3) Curriculum vitae

Please send your application by 18.08.2024 as a PDF (max. 10 MB) to Ulrike Boskamp and Katja Schroeder ( The team and board of the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung will decide on the award by the end of September 2024.