Kajsa Dahlberg, Jeanne Faust, Joachim Grommek, Christian Haake, Peter Piller and Thomas & Renée Rapedius

curated by Brigitte Kölle

The exhibition “Double Take” gathers works by international artists which all deal in very different ways with the phenomenon known as the double take. Initially attracted and captivated by a sense of familiarity and intimacy, a moment of irritation follows – an abrupt recognition or a subtle unease. This can be triggered by minimal changes in scale, materials or the function of things and situations that seem to us familiar and intimate, changes that only become apparent at closer inspection. Some of the works not only trigger the second, closer look in the viewer, but use it as the point of departure for an artistic working process that employs strategies of repetition and reenactment. The artwork becomes a medium of permanent scrutiny and double-checking.

Different exhibition spaces contain the following: images and sculptures by Joachim Grommek (Berlin, b. 1957), a book project by Kajsa Dahlberg (Malmö, b. 1973), a slide projection by Peter Piller (Hamburg, b. 1968), a video installation by Jeanne Faust (Hamburg, b. 1968), sculptures and graphic works by Christian Haake (Bremen, b. 1969), as well as photography and spatial works by Thomas & Renée Rapedius (Berlin, b. 1975/1973).