holo sounds #1



Ryan Jordan and a.melodie

This two-day workshop is about exploring certain minerals and metals and using them to build simple electronic instruments. These instruments register and influence minimal changes in their immediate environment and manipulate the audible output of those changes in drastic ways. This system demonstrates how human perception is influenced by terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and our own biological phenomena.

At the concluding presentation for the workshop on Sunday 24 April at 3 pm, [a.melodie] (http://www.a-melodie.com/) will also give a concert with self-constructed synthesizers connected to plants. Because each plant has its own particular tone, which determines the attached synthesizer’s output and, due to physiological responses, modulates its frequency, a living and infinitely changing sonic backdrop emerges.

Supported by the Ministerium für Justiz, Kultur und Europa des Landes Schleswig-Holstein