Seminar with students of the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts

July 2023

Assuming that the present is in a state of continuous acceleration, is recorded, disseminated and made hyperlocally accessible by media technologies – can we then speak of an imaginable future at all? And how does the past affect all this? The seminar HAUNTED FUTURES took place at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts. It was dedicated to the concept of Hauntology, which counters the capitalist imperative of absolute presence with ghosts of the past.

In addition to reading and discussing key texts on the concept of hauntology, the students designed GIFS as an interface to the Foundation’s annual curatorial programme, based on a more than hundred-year-old postcard of the former soldiers’ home in Hohenlockstedt: the so called Högerbau. They articulate voices that create references between the past, present and the future of the site and expose critical readings of the military past of the former military training camp “Lockstedter Lager”.

With contributions by Clara Brinkmann, Hendrik Falkenthal, Janika Führer & Sebastian Norkauer

Seminar by Agnieszka Roguski