Caring Infrastructures
How can we collectively build caring (infra-)structures?


PLEASE NOTE: Originally planned as an on-site event - due to the increasing number of Corona cases the event will partly take place online; some program elements will be postponed


With (digital) contributions by Malu Blume, Frauke Frech (Grand Beauty on Tour), Antje Hachenberg, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Maternal Fantasies, Polyphrenic Creatures, Nora Sternfeld, Studio Experimentelles Design (Klasse Prof. Jesko Fezer, HFBK Hamburg) and engaged participants from the region

Curated by Sascia Bailer


Social norms and often unquestioned values act as invisible infrastructures that determine how we shape interpersonal relationships: In what way do we care for ourselves, for each other and for our communities? As rigid as these norms and values may seem, they have the potential to be carriers of social change: Can we unlearn traditional mechanisms of exclusion and design new social protocols that focus on collective care and solidarity? Can our society become more inclusive by incorporating ethics of care into our social infrastructures?

The event Caring Infrastructures sets the local as a starting point for a series of talks, workshops, film screenings and community forums, in order to focus on encounters based on care and solidarity. Artistic, design-based, activist and local initiatives invites the audience to reflect on care practices from different perspectives and to design long-term caring infrastructures.

The curatorial cycle 2019/20 in which Sascia Bailer as Artistic Director of M.1 focused on care through participatory formats and socially engaged art, ends with the event Caring Infrastructures. The event is a continuation of the New Alphabet School's edition on the topic of Caring from June 11-14th 2020 (co-curated by Sascia Bailer, Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi) in cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. It is generously supported by Förderstiftung des Kreises Steinburg and Kulturstiftung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein.



Part of the online program is available on Vimeo for later viewing.





25. October 14:30–18:30 h Caring Infrastructures – Day 2 How can we collectively build caring infrastructures?
24. October 14:30–18:30 h Caring Infrastructures – Day 1 How can we collectively build caring infrastructures?