Stein In My Mind & i hate my village

Advancement Awards Exhibition


CALL and Tonio Kröner

Stein In My Mind

CALL is a platform for different formats in varying constellations of people: A homonymous magazine, an event in a boxing ring on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, lectures, texts and exhibitions. The common ground is the exclamation: “art and feminism”!

During the last couple of months CALL has moved its headquarters to Hohenlockstedt, where a new issue of the magazine is taking form. With the exhibition “Stein In My Mind” CALL now opens the doors and together with works of the participating artists the editorial office and a “bed set” for a potential porn shooting give a foretaste of CALLzine #2.

Kindly supported by the Karl H. Ditze Foundation.


Tonio Kröner
i hate my village

(Near the US-Mexico border, 1984)
¡Mira mira! ¡Viene la tormenta!
What did he just say?
He said there is a storm coming.
I know.

The windows to the exhibition space are darkened. There is no artificial light. The stump of an oversized arm is hanging from the ceiling. The corridor usually leading to the upper gallery is obstructed by a wall in which four oversized wisdom teeth are stuck. The only accessible entry is through the elevator. From the upper gallery floor protrudes the oversized hand belonging to the aforementioned stump. Around it, an indistinct flesh-colored silhouette repeats itself in oil on rough canvas. Extracted, fragmented parts retreat into the refuge of the exhibition space, sealing themselves off from the world. Yet the gestures don’t conform to the dimensions of an interior and its furnishings. They scale human dimensions to the monument of a digital, public space.
There is a storm coming? You are already in it.

Tonio Kröner (*1984) studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently a WIELS resident in Brussels.



31. August 15–18 h Opening