Impressionnisme & The Ground is Mine the Sky is Yours

Advancement Awards Exhibition


Philip Gaißer and Natalie Häusler


[…] Three heads swim
in a sea of fire in front of a field with
eight apple trees. This painter just can’t
stop painting the painting. This is a joke
from 1855. Spleen. Venus et Psyche […]

The prose poem „Impressionnisme“, twenty-four paintings with woodcut – one for each hour of the day – and the reocrdings for a sound collage came about during a six-month stay in Paris. They are an analysis of what spent time comprises in terms of factual content and overall substance.&


The Ground is Mine the Sky is Yours

Dark-grey rock faces and Molotov cocktails that burn and disappear without leaving any noticeable traces. The sound made by their sudden appearance interrupts the twittering of the birds, making space for it after the flames have died down.

Removed from the moment and reality, the images, revolve around different temporalities and photography itself.