Greetings from Hohenlockstedt



Thorsten Brinkmann, Nina Heinzel, Burk Koller, Martin Kunze and Jochen Schmith

The first show presents works dealing with the true story of Hohenlockstedt, where the focus is on the tension between lived memory and current situation. The local historic infrastructure is steadily giving way to supermarket chains and single family homes. In the heyday of Prussian militarism, up to 18,000 soldiers were quartered in Hohenlockstedt – formerly known as “Lockstedter Lager” (Lockstedt Camp). Amongst them, the so-called “Finnish hunters” enjoyed an exotic status: These Nordic recruits, codenamed “Pfadfinder” (pathfinders), were given military training to curtail Russia’s annexation of Finland. The participating artists exhibit a variety conceptual approaches from diverse areas of contemporary art: photography, sculpture, video and installation.

Additionally, the 2007 Arthur Boskamp Foundation grant winners will be presented: Stefanie Becker (Hamburg), Kimberly Horton (Hamburg).



3. June 14–16 h Opening