8 July 2023
18 h

Queer Bar | mit Drag Queen Amy Lu DeVil

After the QUEER BAR season opened in June with the Refugee Sisters* and Project Article 21, the second edition will follow up with a lot of glamour. On 8 July, drag queen Amy Lu DeVil from Berlin will be our guest. With her show, the garden of M.1 will immerse in her dark glamour!

This is my alphabet.
Because time goes on
and things are changing in my world
here is a new alphabet
for the children of my generation.
Of course all these words have a meaning for me
but other generations might find a different mood to their world.

The relationships that Amanda Lear already wanted to give new meanings in her song “Alphabet” in 1977, from anything to kiss to sexy and sad, are continued by Amy Lu DeVil with her show: she will re-spell the ABC with personal meanings in the garden of the M.1, dark, exciting and stylish. This year, the drag queen from Berlin has been invited as a special guest to use the QUEER BAR as her stage – or rather to let the bar become an almost casual show. Amy Lu DeVil, who chose her name in reference to Amy Winehouse and Cruella de Vil from the film “101 Dalmatians”, is known for the glow of her high-fashion looks. With them, she will cast old gender roles in a new light and add a dash of drag to all who want it. Come by and discover your inner drag with a refreshing Amy Lu Soda!

The QUEER BAR is a space that questions socially prescribed roles, and thus shows that genders are also roles that are played by us. Drag takes up this sort of play: As a show that experiments with gender roles, exaggerates them, restages them and makes them an impressive experience. The QUEER BAR offers shelter and the possibility of exchange for this. It is both an opportunity for networking and a political statement. It asks how queer people can and want to come together in the countryside, and it offers the space to actively explore these questions.

The QUEER BAR 2023 is funded by the Förderstiftung Kreis Steinburg.