22 July 2023
18 h

Queer Bar | mit Sommerfest

After the Refugee Sisters* with Project Article 21 from Hamburg as well as the Berlin drag queen Amy Lu DeVil visited the QUEER BAR as special guests, the next two editions will be more self-organised. On the weekend, the different programmes of the foundation will be shaping the day together with the QUEER BAR: On Saturday, the opening of the second exhibition chapter of GHOSTING will take place from 3pm, there will be a little presentation of Holo Comics, and we will have a barbecue in the garden in the afternoon, accompanied by a live radio broadcast by Cashmere Radio from Berlin. This colourful mix of events will spill over into the QUEER BAR in the evening and turn the night into a summery togetherness!

The QUEER BAR is more than a bar: It is a shelter, platform, networking opportunity, further education and political statement. It asks how queer people can and want to come together in the countryside; and offers space to actively explore these questions. It invites us to think further, exchange ideas, participate and above all to let go: of rules, clichés and prejudices or simply of ideas about how and what gender should be.

The QUEER BAR 2023 is funded by the Förderstiftung Kreis Steinburg.