2 July 2022
18 h

Chosen Family | with Marc Christoph Klee

A "Chosen Family" is the family of choice that plays an important alternative to the so-called blood relationship in queer communities. "Chosen Families" are as much a condition of life as self-determination. They recognise marriages without a legal basis and relationships without marriage, friendships become siblings, sisters* become brothers* and vice versa. Responsibility and love are here a matter of relationship, not blood ties – and best of all with a champagne in hand!

The QUEER BAR takes place in the garden of M.1 in Hohenlockstedt. With it, hosting will become a collaborative practice: each evening will be co-hosted by different persons. Under shifting mottos, special drinks will be served, tables decorated and themes discussed – thus creating an ever-changing space that invites everyone who is interested to come together, exchange ideas and celebrate together.

The QUEER BAR was launched last year as a project by Berlin based artist Paul Niedermayer as part of Agnieszka Roguski’s GOSSIP- programme. People from different generations and social milieus quickly came together, became friends, travelled from other parts of Germany or joined from the neighbourhood. In 2022, former guests will become co-hosts of the QUEER BAR: They will design the evenings and give them an individual perspective. They are united by the question of how queer people can come together in the rural area to create a shared, safe space that offers space for exchange and networking.

All interested people are welcome, regardless of age, skin colour and sexual identity – diverse and free of discrimination! The bar nights always start at 6 pm in the covered garden of the M.1. Admission is free and barrier-free.

The QUEER BAR is funded by the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur Schleswig-Holstein and the programme Neustart Kultur der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM).